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Stress Distribution for Loudspeaker Basket During Shock in Side-Direction
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Technical Consulting

iCapture provides technical consulting by use of numerical simulations focused on multiphysical electromagnetic, vibroacoustic and structural dynamic product design and product development.

On request iCapture also consults in single physic areas such as thermal, mechanism (contact) and shock simulation.

Computational simulations are not always necessary as part of a typical assignment where iCapture is involved. What is required is active participation in a project bringing experienced multiphysics capabilities into play alongside a client’s skilled team of engineers.

Safety Sound Pressure Level at ½-2m Height from 7-Speaker Array Fitted On
Front of A Silent Electric Car at 500Hz 20degrees [Click to Animate - 0.2MB]

Project & Management Consulting

iCapture provides you with a strong seasoned partner experienced in establishing simulation projects and organisations to obtain full benefit of computational simulation capabilities.

iCapture has experience with top-down strategic management decisions as well as bottom-up engineering/department driven processes.

Expect to enhance (perhaps even revolutionise) your decision-making process in the development department.

Deformation of Loudspeaker incl. Air Load at 7.6kHz
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Training & Support

iCapture provides training and support when establishing and using multiphysic concept and product development.

Having experience with market leading FEA-software, cost and time efficient support is offered in the areas of:

        • »  licensing cost/structures
        • »  method development
        • »  tool selection
        • »  hardware purchase
        • »  implementation

Stress Distribution for Loudspeaker Basket During Shock in Axial-Direction
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New Competence Establishment

Many FEA software packages have broad capability spans, but often only a minor part (often only static single-physics) is being used.

The everyday conflict of supporting projects using known types of analysis and working methods often makes it impossible to establish new capabilities.

To broaden client's FEA capabilities iCapture develops new or improved already operational working methods to enable greater benefit and value of their particular FEA tools.

Software Agency

iCapture has been appointed by Infolytica Europe to act as Agent for the promotion & sales of MagNet, ThermNet, OptiNet, ElecNet and MotorSolve throughout Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland.

Since 1978, Infolytica’s software has evolved to provide affordable Electromagnetic & Thermal analysis having full 2D/3D simulation and inter-operability capability with other analysis packages.

Infolytica's software offers - among many features - true multi-core solvers, general purpose motion solvers and seamlessly coupled transient electromagnetic-thermal solvers.

Certified Consultant

COMSOL has certified iCapture to provide highly qualified consultancy services using COMSOL Multiphysics®. With our extensive simulation expertise we deliver turnkey solutions for a wide range of projects.

Since 1986, COMSOL has - with a proven track record - sustained and reinforced their position as an innovative, vibrant and cutting edge leader in the simulation industry. COMSOL’s mission is to make easy-to-use multiphysic simulation software and assist users in the fields of education and hi-tech product design.

As Certified Consultant iCapture produce ready-to-run models and reports with an in-depth interpretation of the simulation results.