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Safety Sound Pressure from 7-Speaker Array Fitted On Front of
A Silent Electric Car at 500Hz 20degrees  [Click to Animate - 2.0MB]

The Founder

iCapture was founded by Ulrik Skov in 2009 as a life long ambition to combine a talent for design, product and concept development, analysis, mathematics, physics and computational simulations.

The founder’s educational background is:

  • »  Computational Simulations
  • »  Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.ME. focused on structural
  •     dynamics, acoustics and vibroacoustics - 2004)
  • »  Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.EE. focused on analog and digital
  •     adaptive signal processing & regulation - 1996 - and an
  •     apprentice in electromechanics - 1993)

Deformation of Loudspeaker Basket Free-Vibration Mode at 827Hz
[Click to Animate - 2.7MB]


In 2011 René Christensen joined iCapture. He has work experience since 2004, a M.Sc. degree in Engineering - Physics & Technology - and holds a Ph.D. in acoustic simulations focused on viscothermal effects.

Viscothermal effects are of great importance when doing vibroacoustic simulations of small or narrow geometries. These are often found in electroacoustic transducers especially compression drivers and tweeters.

Joining iCapture has given me the freedom to further develope my skills and solve a variety of different challenges for many companies in need of advanced simulations!”, René.

Air Particel Veloceties for Micro Speaker with Viscothermal Losses at 13.6kHz
[Click to Animate - 1.7MB]


iCapture offers a wide range of analyses types: 2D & 3D linear & non-linear electromagnetic, structural, vibroacoustic and viscothermal Finite Element Analysis always with focus on efficiency and productivity.

iCapture has sophisticated analysis expertise for simulating electroacoustic transducers and cabinets.

For example sensitivity, radiation characteristics, distortion, motor design, thermal demagnetisation in dual neodynium systems, suspension symmetry/linearity, stress of moving parts, break-up modes, shock simulation, frequency and impedance responses.

Stress Distribution of Loudspeaker Suspension Made of Fabric Under Deformation  [Click to Animate - 1.6MB]


iCapture is built on working experience since 1989 focused on design and product development within various industries.

Examples includes: Electroacoustic and vibroacoustic hearing instruments design, active adaptive noise or structural control and loudspeaker transducer research, concept and product development.

Driven by curiosity, persistency and a multiphysical educational background iCapture has achieved success in high fidelity simulations. Development departments as well as Marketing and Sales have used the power of the simulation capabilities to reach new goals and customers.

Eddy Currents in Ferrite Based Loudspeaker Motor at 40Hz 15V with Non-Linear Spring Load Kms(x)  [Click to Animate - 0.8MB]


The mission of iCapture is to provide technical, management and organisational consulting focused on multiphysic electromagnetic, vibroacoustic and structural dynamic product development & simulation.

By this iCapture promotes research and development of high international standard.

Through close co-operation clients are geared towards the use of advanced simulations techniques and establishment of the best possible environment for research and development in their company.

Near Field Sound Pressure for Loudspeaker at 10kHz
[Click to Animate - 1.5MB]


Efficiency, productivity, capability and capacity are keywords enabling iCapture to analyse and simulate your challenges within a given defined window of opportunity.

iCapture balances accuracy with given time constraints, so an analysis serves as an intuitive foundation for decisions throughout everyday innovative product development.

To achieve the optimal balance between accuracy and efficiency iCapture know how to dimension (2D/3D), scope (linear or non-linear) and select analyses types (static, modal, harmonic, random or transient) to capture correct physical behaviour with high productivity.

Demagnetisation Prediction for Loudspeaker Motor from
50 to 80 Degrees Celcius  [Click to Animate - 1.4MB]


iCapture spans a "3D technical competence field" of electronics (signal processing & regulation), mechanics (acoustics, vibroacoustics, structure, thermal, mechanisms, etc.) and numerical simulations.

This combined with technical project and management competence makes iCapture a unique partner.

iCapture works seamlessly between these areas on an operational as well as strategic level in your organisation.

Eddy Currents in Neodymium Based Loudspeaker Motor with Shortcut Caps at 40Hz 15V with Non-Linear Spring Load Kms(x)  [Click to Animate - 1.1MB]

Typical Clients

Typical clients have a product where electromagnetics, vibroacoustics or structural dynamics are in play.

This could be in the medical, automotive, green tech or consumer industry using an electromagnetic sensor, an electrodynamic mechanism or electroacoustic transducer (loudspeaker or microphone).

It could also be an entire acoustic or vibroacoustic system or a device using acoustic/vibroacoustic signalling.


iCapture brings validated vibroacoustic & electromagnetic FEA simulation capabilites to small and large companies. To assist in this endeavor, iCapture has partnered with PointSource Acoustics.

Since 2009 PointSource Acoustics has developed, tested, sourced and manufactured loudspeakers units and systems. Since 2011 PointSource Acoustics specially developed and manufactured loudspeaker systems and a wireless amplifier unit for Montana Møbler A/S in Denmark.

Together the partners bring clients cost-efficient access to dedicated loudspeaker manufacturing, sourcing and testing experience, advanced simulation skills and state of the art FEA tools and working methods.

Hardware Supplier

Dell and iCapture has a strategic cooperation to deliver engineers and companies dedicated cost-effective hardware solutions for advanced simulation driven design and product development.

Since 1984, Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realise their dreams. Customers trust Dell to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they're at home, work, school or anywhere in their world.

iCapture join forces with DELL to specify and deliver turn key high performance computer solutions for both small and very large companies around the world.