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  • Magnetic flux density caused by current flow in PCB tracks at 1kHz
     [Click to Animate - 1.1MB]

    GN Resound

    GN ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing aids that combine original thinking and design with solid technology.

    iCapture is involved to identify, develop and apply working methods to simulate and minimise unwanted electromagnetic interferences.

    iCapture's unique ability to virtually build and simulate complex 3D-bended flexible multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB's) provides in-depth knowledge practically impossible to achieve experimentally.

    GN Resound benefits from iCapture's dedication to unfold and understand applications and persistantly pursue creative simulation methods suitable for mainstream everyday decission-making.

    Sound Pressure for a 4" Compression Driver on 2" Diameter
    Plane Wave Tube at 12kHz  [Click to Animate - 1.3MB]

    Materion Electrofusion

    Materion Electrofusion is a global leader of cutting-edge engineered materials and home to the Truextent family of acoustic solutions.

    iCapture contributes to the success of Truextent by facilitating enhancements of compression driver diaphragm designs incorporating beryllium and other specialized materials.

    iCapture’s effective and dedicated capabilities significantly reduces time to market during the development and prototyping cycle.

    Truextent engineers leverage one of the pioneering simulation techniques iCapture recently launched. This simulation method includes both vibroacoustics and sophisticated viscothermal damping in air.


    Sennheiser develops and manufactures electro-acoustic solutions for the professional, installed sound and consumer markets.

    iCapture is supporting this work by helping to improve existing designs and being deeply involved in the development of new transducers.

    iCapture’s specialised skills in simulating many different designs - and by this testing them before the physical prototyping phase - saves a lot of time and money during development.

    Sennheiser benefits from the most advanced simulation techniques iCapture offers such as nonlinear vibroacoustic and electromagnetic multitone distortion and high fidelity frequency response optimisation.

    Dynamic Behaviour of High Pressure Cleaning Equipment
    Held by Two Simplified Hands  [Click to Animate - 0.5MB]


    Nilfisk-Advance enable sustainable cleaning to improve quality of life.

    iCapture provides simulations and insight to the dynamic behaviour of high pressure cleaning equipment by identifying alternative designs to minimise undesirable and unhealthy vibrations.

    iCapture’s profound theoretical and practical understanding of structural dynamics facilitates the establishment of high performance FEA-models of difficult to simulate engineering systems.

    Nilfisk-Advance benefit from iCapture’s ability to transform a complex dynamic system to a simplified equivalent FEA model enabling highly productive simulations driving effective everyday decision-making.

    2-Sigma Equivalent Stress For Transverse Direction of
    WiFi Repeater Bracket  [Click to Animate - 2.0MB]


    3D-Tech is a free agent solving mechanical design and product development assignments as a part of the clients development teams.

    iCapture provides guidance to design and ensure structural integrity of brackets used for mounting equipment in railway wagons.

    iCapture’s extensive structural dynamic capability accelerates the construction and safeguard compliance with IEC international standards for railway rolling stock equipment vibration tests.

    3D-Tech benefit from iCapture’s skills to setup and perform cost- effective random vibration analysis eliminating high stresses by modifications to the geometry and use of different materials.

    Dynamic Behaviour of Loudspeaker Enclosure at 905Hz
     [Click to Animate - 5.3MB]


    Libratone is one of the most innovative audio companies in the world reinventing the loudspeaker for the 21st century.

    iCapture is engaged to minimise unwanted enclosure resonances and improve large signal domain distortion at low frequencies.

    iCapture’s creative combination and use of own developed and general purpose simulation tools delivers new insight by scrutinising in-phase, anti-phase and quadrature components of vibroacoustic radiated signals of enclosures and passive radiators (slave units).

    Libratone benefit from iCapture’s novel and proprietary virtual laser scanning technique (FEA2SCN) for the Klippel Scanner software.

    Magnetic Field Intensity When a Cardlab Dynamic Magnetic Stripe Is
    Swiped Through a Card Reader Terminal  [Click to Animate - 2.2MB]

    Cardlab Innovation

    Cardlab is dedicated to enable clients to take advantage of miniaturised low-power electronics for on-board integration in credit cards.

    iCapture contributes with in-depth understanding of the electromagnetic transfer of data between Cardlab’s unique dynamic magnetic stripe and reader heads in standard credit card terminals.

    iCapture’s ability to compute 3D electromagnetic fields accelerates and enhances Cardlab’s design and product development.

    Cardlab benefit from iCapture’s skills to rapidly and accurately simulate innovative ideas and concepts assisting in resolving and benchmarking day-to-day complex design changes and challenges.