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Ulrik Skov - Founder, Owner, Managing Director & Chief Engineer


This is me, Ulrik Skov! I have established iCapture for small & large companies to provide them with cost-effective design and product development services.

We work with many types of products such as loudspeakers, wind generators, hearing aids, high pressure cleaning equipment, medical devices, sensors, actuators etc.

Working methods with high international standards are available in three fields: Electromagnetics, Vibroacoustics & Structural Dynamics.

We offer seasoned simulations skills, work flows & state of the art tools that are normally reserved billion euro enterprises.

Near & Far Field Sound Pressure Level from Loudspeaker at 5.1kHz
[Click to Animate 1kHz-14kHz - 1.5MB]

Concepts & Simulations

Co-operation with iCapture creates the best possible environment for R&D facilitating shorter development time, savings on prototypes, delivery of innovation and improvements of product performance.

Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) iCapture provides clients with an intuitive, conclusive, illustrated and animated way to capture the physical behaviour of their product.

Involving iCapture in design optimisations and product development gives clients access to a multiphysical skill-set either in the form of active participation in projects, trainings on location, technical consulting or strategic technical management.

Sound Pressure Level In Living Room from Stereo Loudspeakers at 100Hz
[Click to Animate - 1.1MB]

Set in Motion

Take a tour to learn more about who we are, what we do and what we create.

Some of our clients have kindly given us the possiblity to show cases we have done for them. More clients are listed under references.

Should you be interested in working with us or would you like to explorer a career in our field of design, development and engineering you are welcome to contact us.

We have populated the website with a number of illustrations and animations to show some of our capability. If you got inspired - send us a mail if you like detailed explainations of what you see!